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Wood you believe it? Bentley to install hi-tech OLED visual displays inside timber dashboard veneers

Bentley Bentayga
Future Bentleys could have the new dashboard installed (Photo: Bentley)

Bentley is incorporating new luxury technology into its vehicles which it claims will help to pave the way for the future of motoring.

The car manufacturer has released their vision of what their future fleets will look like after the introduction of OLED tech.

OLED – or organic light emitting diodes – are the latest in digital displays and are being used in TVs, computers and other devices.

Now, Bentley has found a way to install the technology into their dashboards – finished with a wood veneer.

Bentley claims this retains the luxury style while also keeping their motors current.

An artist’s impression of what the hi-tech dash could look like (Photo: Bentley)

It released a mock-up of what the new dashboards will look like in future cars to hit the market.

Chairman and CEO, Mr Wolfgang Dürheimer, told Automotive News World Congress in Detroit, USA: “We will certainly use new technology to enhance traditional and authentic materials in new and contemporary ways.

“One possible example of this could be to overlay OLED screens across wood veneers.

“These ultra-thin screens would be invisible except when in use, for example, to control the audio or HVAC systems.”

Production at Bentley Motors Ltd. Plant
The company is planning to fit the latest OLED tech in the cars (Photo: 2012 Bloomberg)

He added: “Our belief is that technology on its own is not enough. Technology in isolation is cold and can never be truly luxurious.

“We must never lose the human touch.”

The new advancement in technology for the brand comes after it announced one of its cars will include a virtual butler.

The EXP10 Speed 6 has already won multiple awards as one of the company’s most successful concept cars.

The futuristic virtual personal assistant

And the designers have gone one step further to realise its future with a mock-up of a holographic assistant in the back seats.

It was created to show how the British company will keep up with modern technological advances.

Unfortunately, the virtual personal assistant isn’t yet available to buy.

Bentley Flying Spur
The Bentley Flying Spur is more of an accessible model at the moment (Photo: Bentley)

But Director of Design Stefan Sielaff claims that these kind of technologies will be ingrained into car interiors in years to come.

He said: “In the future our cars will of course feature yet-to-be-invented connectivity and technologies – perhaps a virtual butler, for example – that enhance the lives of our luxury millennial customers, and I strongly believe that how these technologies are integrated into the cabin will become ever more important.”

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